Four questions to Lidingöloppet's new sponsor coordinator Johanna Ahlqvist

It is with great joy that Lidingöloppet presents our new sponsor co-ordinator Johanna Ahlqvist, who will have the overall responsibility for Lidingöloppet's sponsor contacts. Here she answers four questions about herself and about her role ahead!

Four questions to Lidingöloppet's new sponsor coordinator Johanna Ahlqvist

You have worked at Lidingöloppet  before - what is your dearest memory from your time in the organization so far?
- It is impossible to name one when there are so many. Something that I cherish are all the fantastic officials who gather up before, during and after the race weekend. Without them, the events would not be possible.

During which race event does your heart beat the hardest (as a spectator)?
- It is a special feeling to stand at the finish line at any of our race events. The joy that the participants express when they cross the finish line is unbeatable - whether they have ran a few or thirty kilometres.

During your time outside Lidingöloppet, you have become as a licensed dietitian - what advice could you share to everyone who is getting ready for TCS Lidingöloppet 2022?
- For a recreational runner, the big picture is more important than the details. What you eat 90 % of the time is more important than the 10 % you deviate from. It is especially important to eat properly before and after training to perform optimally. If you run a long-distance race like TCS Lidingöloppet, you also need to replenish energy and fluid during the race to remain strong all the way to the finish line. Trying for example gels for the first time during TCS Lidingöloppet is probably not a good idea if you have not tested these products before. Now during the summer, it is also extra important to drink properly to maintain your hydration levels, especially during the warmer days.

Why should a company become a sponsor of the TCS Lidingö race?
- Because TCS Lidingöloppet enables children and young people to continue to be active in their sports. All the profits generated from the race event goes back to the two owner clubs, but also to other sports associations who receive compensation for their functionary assignments. Exercise and physical activity are close to my heart. It is incredibly important for children and young to be physically active on a daily basis. Another thing I enjoy about the race is that there is a race for everyone, regardless of training background or ambition level.

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