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En Svenska Klassiker / A Swedish Classic:
TCS Lidingöloppet@Hemma and Rosa Bandet-loppet@Hemma are all part of “En Svensk Klassiker” and you can accredit your result. If you order a diploma, your time will be marked with an * after your time/result.
En Svensk Klassiker - TCS Lidingöloppet 30
En Svensk Klassiker Halva - TCS Lidingöloppet 15
En Svensk Klassiker Korta/Tjej - Rosa Bandet-loppet 10

Competition Rules: Svenska Friidrottsförbundets competition rules  apply to all participants.

Environment: The TCS Lidingöloppet is an eco-label event. Remember to help keep the course and environment clean of rubbish. We encourage you to cycle/walk to and from your race if possible.

Fluid: Remember to hydrate well in advance of the race. If you run a longer distance, plan your hydration for during the race carefully. If you run a circuit several times, you can have water bottles placed on the lap to drink from for example.

Health and safety: All participation is at your own risk. Only participate in the race if you are fully healthy. Remember to eat and drink properly before the race, and to fuel appropriately during the race. It is important that you keep your distance according to the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations. At least 2 meters social-distancing to reduce the risk of infection spreading.

Insurance: If you have cancellation insurance “Motionsloppsförsäkring” from Folksam and cannot start, then contact Folksam.

Maximum time: No maximum or rept times apply in the Lidingöloppet 2020 @Hemma. Take your time!

Number bib: You will receive your number bib in your start info that you get after registration. You can print this at home. It is not a requirement that you run with your number bib on your chest, but we recommend everyone to run with a number bib so that everyone can identify other runners who participate in the race and to add to the feeling of a race.

Personal information: Lidingöloppet follows the rules of the GDPR and is therefore very careful that your information is handled in a correct and secure manner. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

Race period: 23 September–9 October. You can run your race on any day during this period.

Registration: Can be made all the way up to, and including, the 9th of October.

Results: All results are published HERE. As the race spans many days, the results will be continuously updated. Remember that it is up to you to report your result for it to be included in the results list.

Start info: Your start-info is sent out via email before the race. You will find all the information you need about your Lidingöloppet / Rosa Bandet-lopp @Hemma contained within.

Timing: There are two different ways for you to take your time, either via a watch with GPS, or with a phone with GPS and a training app. Lidingöloppet is connected to the training app Strava, which you can download for free via the AppStore or Google Play. See more under the Timing tab.

Other information: You are welcome to contact us at      

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