Rosa Bandet-loppet@Hemma

Rosa Bandet-loppet@Hemma 19 September - 18 October 2020

Rosa Bandet-loppet@Hemma is for those who want to run Rosa Bandet-loppet at Home. You can choose if you want to run the race on your favourite course or why not choose a brand-new course as an extra challenge. The only requirement is that it must cover the distance you register for.

What will be your Lidingöloppet course in 2020?

Covid-19 requires efforts from both you and us
TCS Lidingöloppet has adapted the event to fully adhere to the rules and guidelines of the Swedish authorities, established due to Covid-19, prohibiting more than 50 people to gather. TCS Lidingöloppet have chosen to offer our runners the possibility to carry out TCS Lidingöloppet 2020, despite the fact that it will be a quite different variant of the race.

The Covid-19 adaptation of TCS Lidingöloppet 2020 means above all that you as a participant in this virtual race have a great responsibility to stay at home if you feel the slightest symptom such as cough, runny nose, sore throat or fever. Also remember to avoid starting your race in too large groups. We continue to keep the distance between us!

You can race whenever you want between 19th September – 18th October 2020.

Those who run Rosa Bandet-loppet@Hemma are completely free to choose when and where to run your race anytime between the 19th September and the 18th October. You choose a course that suits you. The only requirement is that it must include the distance that corresponds to the distance to which you registered for. For example, Rosa Bandet-loppet 10, is a 10 km course. You can run a single 10km loop or a course with several laps, e.g. 2 x 5km.

You will receive the number bib in the start-info that is sent out before the race. You can print out the number bib yourself and wear it when you run your race (either at home or on Lidingö). This is not a requirement for running, but the more people who use the number bib, the more wonderful you’ll feel during the race! Tag us on social media with your number bib! You can also identify others who participate in the same race as you.

This is how to register and report your time for your virtual Lidingöloppet. This applies for both participation @Hemma or @Lidingö.

Before your race:
Make sure you have a fully charged phone/watch with you and that you have downloaded the latest version of the app you are measuring the time/course with. Lidingöloppet recommends that you use the training app STRAVA, but it is also possible to use another training app with GPS functionality (e.g. Runkeeper, etc) and of course any other watch training app.

At start:
Make sure that you prepare your app/watch for timekeeping and that it has "found" the GPS reception where you are (give yourself enough time for this!).

When the "start shot" goes, start your timing via the app/clock you are using.

At the finish line:
Stop the time when you cross the finish line or reach the "correct" distance.

Make sure to save the race in your app/watch. Feel free to double-check that the app/watch has registered your run before you leave the finish area.

When to report your time:
Go to My Pages via the link you received in the start-info. Here you can choose three different ways to report your time, see picture below

1. By submitting a GPX file from any training app

How this works differs a bit depending on which watch/app you have. For more information on how to download a GPX file see the manufacturer's webpage. Once you’ve downloaded your GPX file, to your computer or phone, you can then upload it to our interface. Note, the file you select must have the .gpx extension.

2. By selecting one of the workouts you have registered in the training app Strava.

You can either connect your training app/watch directly to Strava, which means that all your activities, including your competition performance, will appear automatically in STRAVA and will be selectable there. (Here you will find a good information page on how to pair the watch with STRAVA). Alternatively, you can use STRAVA as your timing app on your phone. You must first link your Lidingöloppet account to your Strava account, which you do by clicking on the "Connect with Strava" button. Then you will be able to choose which of your Strava activities you want to send in as your "competition entry".

3. By registering your time manually (not recommended)

If your timekeeping has not worked, there is an opportunity to enter your time manually.

If your result is approved, i.e. has the right distance for your registered distance and, if on Lidingö, follows the correct route, you will be immediately notified that your result is approved in the interface via an email. There may be ambiguity in this.

Once you have uploaded your results to My Pages, you will see your time and your current finish position. The results will be updated continuously throughout September 19th - October 18th.

Note that separate result lists will be established for those who run the TCS Lidingöloppet@Hemma and TCS Lidingöloppet@Lidingö respectively.


Results marked with a yellow triangle in the result list are waiting for review to be fully approved.

This year is "Rhino" by Carl Milles 1950. The classic medal can be purchased upon registration for SEK 100. The medal can be sent Hemma or picked up in selected Stadium stores. For those runners who were already registered, the medal is already included in the entry.

The medals will be available at some point after the race, tentatively at the end of November / beginning of December. This is since it was uncertain for a long time whether we would be able to hold Lidingöloppet 2020, and we have waited with the order of medals. This was both from a sustainability perspective and with regard to our non-profit owner clubs financially. We hope you can have understanding for this.

As thanks for waiting for your medal, you will receive an offer from our partner Stadium, which comes after your registration. To be able to pick up your medal in store, you will need to have made that choice in your registration.

Stadium stores for collection
Stockholm - Barkarby
Stockholm - Drottninggatan
Stockholm - Kungens Kurva
Norrköping - City
Uppsala - Boländerna

Virtual medals
After you registered your result, your virtual medal is available on My Pages. You can share the virtual medal to your social media to share your fantastic achievement.

Silver medals
Unfortunately, we will not offer silver medals in 2020 because we only have virtual races.

You order a diploma in paper form when registering. (50SEK incl. postage)
All participants receive a diploma in PDF format in the results email which can be downloadedafter the race period for free or at "My Pages".

No prizes will be awarded in 2020.

This years design for the t-shirt of Rosabandet-loppet is possible to buy when registration is made on our website.

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