Get results via text message

Do you want to know how your friends and family performes in TCS Lidingöloppet? You can order yours or someone elses results from our text message service.

Do the following to order the text messages.

Send a text message to 72456 with the text:

LL<blankspace><start number>, e.g. LL 30001

Each order costs 25 SEK *
OBS! You need to have a Swedish operator.

A text message is sent after every intermediate and after passing the finnish line. 

The following intemediates are online during the different distances:

Lidingöloppet SMS

The service is developed by Neptron

* Obsereve that your operator might charge you for data traffic. When the network is under high pressure the text messages might be delayed. We can´t gurantee that you get your text messages on time.

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