Seeding rules

Competitors in The Pink Ribbon race (the womens 10 km race), TCS Lidingöloppet 30 and TCS Lidingöloppet 15 are seeded according to results from the two previous years, or to an estimated running time related to presented results from other competitions. If an entry is made with no seeding requests, the entrant is automatically placed in the last starting group. Participants starting in the wrong start group will be disqualified automatically!

You can be seeded to a better starting group according to the following rules:

The resulat shall not be older than 2 years.

Results for seeding are accepted from the following races (plus the races in TCS Lidingöloppet).

- Lidingöloppet on Tour

- Lidingöloppet Ultramarathon (50 and 26 km)

- Vårmilen, Lidingö (10 km)

- Blodomloppet 10 km, Stockholm

- GöteborgsVarvet 

- Stockholm Marathon

- Stockholm Halvmarathon (the year prior to TCS Lidingöloppet)

If you live abroad, you can state times from races in your country (the distance has to be 10 km or longer).
Note your time as below when entering the race, or send to
 - Name of the race
 - Year when the race was completed
 - Distance of the race
 - Your total time

Seeding information that is not stated correctly, will not be taken into consideration. This means automatic placing in the last starting group.

Automatic seeding is made based on results from the two previous TCS Lidingöloppet, unless other results are presented. Please note that the automatic seeding only applies on the same distances. If you now entering the 30 km race, and you results are from TCS Lidingöloppet 15 km, you have to state this in your entry. 

If your result from two years ago, is better than last years, please state that you wish to use the older result

You can complete your entry with seeding results no later than August 25. SEEDNING IS MADE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. If a starting group is full, you will be placed in the closest group possible.

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