Lidingöloppet is the race organiser of all of Sweden.

Here you will find more than 20 different races in different parts of Sweden, and during most of the year. For recreational exercisers and elite athletes, from the youngest to the oldest, from 1.7 to 50 km. For those who run, bike, walk or wheel.

TCS Lidingöloppet is owned and organised by the sports clubs IFK Lidingö SOK and IFK Lidingö Friidrott. The profit ends up directly with these clubs.

The Largest Cross-Country Race in the World

Since 1982, Lidingöloppet is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest cross-country race in the world with approximately 60,000 participants every year. Along with Vasaloppet/Engelbrektsloppet, Vätternrundan and Vansbrosimningen, TCS Lidingöloppet is part of the Swedish classic circuit.

Our vision is to encourage more people to exercise in our vast country – regardless of age, gender, background and condition.


Lidingöloppet is run by the two owner clubs, IFK Lidingö Skid och Orientering(Cross country skii and Orientering club) and IFK Lidingö Friidrott(Lidingö Track and field club). 

TCS Lidingöloppet(The Lidingörace), Lidingö is the name of the island where the competition race is held, and the word loppet means race.

Lidingöloppet arranged in cooperation with